MN WOW Series: Improving Your Woods & Shoreline

Type: Webinar
Price: $8.00


Do you want to improve wildlife habitat in your woods? Are you concerned about your home or cabin surviving a wildfire? Is the quality of the water in your lake poor? If you answer yes to one or more of these questions, July’s MNWOW is designed for you. Learn about ways you can improve your woods and shoreline.


Woodland Habitat Management for White-tailed Deer

Ryan Rothstein, Kanati Wildlife Consulting

Many woodland owners have the desire to improve their habitat for deer, but knowing where to begin can be daunting. While every property is unique, this presentation will provide a foundation of basic deer ecology and habitat requirements, as well as habitat management activities that can improve a property’s attractiveness to deer. 

Firewise Minnesota: Wildfire preparedness for homeowners

Alissa Reynolds, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Wildfire is a natural disturbance with many beneficial effects but some, such as structure loss, can be devastating for homeowners. Firewise is a nationwide program that provides tools and guidance for homeowners to reduce the threat of loss from a wildfire. This session will focus on the steps you can take so you and your home can be prepared when a wildfire occurs.

Showing Our Lakes Love: Land Care and Shoreline Practices That Protect Water Quality

Beth Carreno, Rice Creek Watershed District

Minnesota is known for its lakes. However, sometimes we’re “loving” our lakes a little too much. This presentation is an introduction into the small, and not-so-small, things property owners can do to protect and show love to their lake. Resources for assistance and additional information will also be provided.